Here’s a few tips for anyone new to allotmenteering…..

  1. Think about the seasons. If you want to make your plot productive all year round, think about the plants you want to grow to achieve that. So if you want Sprouting Brocolli in Feb/Mar/April next year, you need to setting the seed in May/early June.
  2. Don’t try and grow everything. There’s always a temptation to have a go at growing everything. Think about the fruit and vegetables you actually eat and plan how you can keep them (e.g. freeze, preserve, store)
  3. Label things….especially the variety. Sometimes certain varieties don’t perform well, so keep a track on what you plant. Use pencil, as ink (even permanent) can get erased by weather.
  4. Plant in straight rows….why? Well you’ll be able to easily see the weeds from the seedlings.
  5. Plan for failures. Planting just 6 pea plants isn’t going to give you a good crop, maybe one meal. You might also lose a few plants to birds/bugs, so plant enough seeds to make it worthwhile.
  6. Birds…Pigeons especially love young greens so cover them up.

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